Committees of Health & Advocacy

Since the Wuhan bio-weapon was released upon the world and our country, Governors and Mayors of their respective cities, townships and states blindly signed boiler-plate, unconstitutional emergency declarations — which essentially usher in medical tyranny. We’ve learned a lot over the past couple of years, and many doctors, legal experts and health freedom advocates have been informing the public about their personal freedoms, patient rights, and access to full spectrum solutions such as alternative medicine.

Committees of Health & Advocacy will be the watchdogs in our respective counties assisting individuals and their families navigate around the newly formed medical tyranny and unconstitutional mandates.

Initially, Committees will be tasked to gather information in their communities regarding hospital violations and misconduct, as well as address the most immediate cases of patient rights violations. In the event of catastrophic or urgent health issues, American families are not experts in battling harmful bureaucracies, but are now in desperate need of advice from experienced advocates. Information on the overall needs of families within our communities will be gathered and shared with the appropriate advocates including medical, legal, patient care and nutritional experts.

The overall health of our communities will determine the survival of our nation as a whole. We The People must solidify networks to maintain the free flow of potentially life saving information and advice.

Dr. Ardis, D.C. is teaming up with Graith Care’s
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