Pete Santilli, Constitutional Advocate – Available For Interview

Talk Show Host & Constitutional Advocate Pete Santilli has urgently launched an initiative to stop the intentional destruction of our constitutional republic. The project is called Constitutional Committees, and is centered on a lawful, peaceful plan to build a network of citizens and groups in 3200 counties across the United States. Santilli believes that the only way to reverse course as our nation rapidly descends into authoritarianism is to form citizen committees comprised of Committees of Safety (State Leadership), Committees of Correspondence (county city and township watchdogs), Committees of Protection (county deputy law enforcers strengthening the power of the Sheriff), Citizen Journalism Network (media alternative), Committees of Health & Advocacy (Health freedom), Judicial Guard (County and State equivalent of Judicial Watch), and Black Robe Regiment (strengthening the church with a strong, courageous pulpit).

Our nation is in crisis, therefore we must act swiftly to assemble a network among 3200+ counties. We need to get the word out, educate our fellow Americans about our true powers as individuals, but most importantly take action to educate as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time.

INTERVIEW OBJECTIVE: Inform our fellow Americans of every race, creed color and political affiliation what we can do to restore our republic and protect our inheritance for future generations. Pete Santilli has a detailed plan, historical documentation, and a presentation that will inspire everyone to step up and finally take charge of their communities, regardless of their level of experience or knowledge. During the interview, Pete will discuss several shocking — ABSOLUTE BOMBSHELL — recent revelations that people aren’t aware of about corruption within our government & law enforcement, and he’s prepared to share factual information which should cause any red-blooded American to take action immediately.

In addition to very urgent, breaking news about what’s happening in our country, Pete is available for interviews to talk about the history of the Committees of Safety, the overall mission objective, as well as the three urgent/priority issues which must be resolved immediately: (1) Internet / Digital Bill of Rights (2) Evidence of criminal homicide perpetrated upon COVID patients who died when doctors, nurses and hospitals administered the deadly pharmaceutical called REMDESIVIR. (3) Swedish telecom company Ericsson has infiltrated our national security infrastructure. Ericssson in one of only 2 corporations ever to have been prosecuted by the Department of Justice for support of terrorist organizations, and is directly responsible for the deaths of countless numbers of American service members over the past 18+ years during the war on terror. Ericsson and their subsidiaries must immediately be removed from accessing Fusion Centers and law enforcement servers in every township, city, county and state.

Pete Santilli has been a talk show host since 2011 and has done thousands of interviews, so keep in mind that there is no topic he won’t discuss. Seriously. Think about that. NO TOPIC is off limits, and there’s nothing you can throw at him “on the fly” that he cannot engage with anyone thoughtfully & honestly. Just be careful when you ask his opinion on a particular subject, because he’ll always tell you the truth…. whether you like it or not.

If you would like to speak directly with Pete to get more information or if you have any questions, please call or send a text to: (513) 923-0036. Please see the calendar embedded below to book your interview as soon as possible.