of the various States
United under and by
Constitution of the United States of America

Our nation is in a state of severe crisis. Our Constitutional Republic has been overthrown by a small cabal that is beholden to foreign entities. We The People must cease calling upon the very institutions which are complicit in the coup d’etat upon America to save us. For years, Americans are either suffering Stockholm syndrome; embracing our captors who keep asking for donations & promising “change in the next election”, or they’ve become outright oblivious to the psychological warfare being perpetrated upon humanity. The mission is urgent, and deliberate. We must restore our Constitutional Republic by building a network among 3200 counties across the nation. We must act swiftly. Regardless of our qualifications and experience, everyone must get involved within their county. Our motto we should all adopt is “get in where you fit in”. If any one of us has no real leadership, networking or communications skills, our role should be to help recruit individuals with those skills within our communities.

The very first step is to learn about the emergency procedures our founders established when our nation was in crisis in 1775, just before we declared our independence from our oppressor. Committees of Safety and Committees of Correspondence were assembled among the colonies, townships and districts so that the will of the people could suppress the efforts of the enemies of America.

Today our nation faces the same urgent challenge of suppressing the efforts of the enemies of America. Every man, woman and youngster must rise to this occasion in whatever capacity they can. Our nation can only survive if each and every one of us —- of every race, creed, color and political persuasion —participates in defending and protecting our sacred inheritance.

As a matter of National security, here are the main priority tasks we must execute immediately:

  • Learn about the Committees of Safety
  • We must wholeheartedly embrace the fact that WE OUT-NUMBER THEM!
  • We must demand that internet data slavery ends immediately. As an example, if big tech makes $5000 per person, per month on our data, they should share at least $1500 per month with everyone who elects to sell their data. If individuals wish to opt out and protect their data, they should be allowed to do so. Big Tech’s failure to compensate humans for their contributions to their technocracy is nothing more than SLAVERY.
  • Ericsson, a foreign multi-national company that has been convicted by the DOJ for funding Al Qaeda & ISIS terrorism, killing countless numbers of U.S. troops, is currently in control of all of telephone numbers and text messages in the United States. Through the power given to them by the FCC, Ericsson exploits back door access to all fusion centers and law enforcement computers. WE MUST DEMAND THAT ERICSSON BE REMOVED FROM OUR NATIONAL SECURITY INFRASTRUCTURE IMMEDIATELY.
  • Hospital across the country have been killing COVID patients with a drug called REMDESIVIR. Health care professionals either knowingly, or should have known that the recommendations of Ralph Baric and Anthony Fauci of the NIH to implement REMDESIVIR as part of the COVID treatment protocol had a 54-85 % mortality rate during tests in Africa. Evidence must be presented to our County Sheriffs, and criminal homicide investigations must commence.

In Provincial Congress,

Concord, April 12, 1775.

WHEREAS the Preservation of our Country from [tyranny], depends under God, on an effectual Execution of the Continental and Provincial Measures for that Purpose:

RESOLVED, That there be now appointed for each County in this Colony, a Committee consisting of Five Persons, any Three of whom to be a Quorum, whose Business it shall be, to receive from the Committees of Correspondence in their respective Counties, a State of the Conduct of the Towns and Districts, with Respect to their having executed the Continental and Provincial Plans as aforesaid ; and it shall be the Duty of said Committees to meet on the first Wednesdays of MayJulySeptemberNovemberJanuary and March, and prepare a Report of the same, to be laid before the Congress at it’s then next Session, that any Neglect of such Towns and Districts in executing such Plans, may be speedily and effectually remedied.

Also, RESOLVED, That it be, and it is hereby strongly recommended, to the Committees of Correspondence in the several Towns and Districts in this Colony, some Time before the first Wednesday in MayJulySeptemberNovemberJanuary and March aforesaid, to render to any one of the Members of their County Committees aforesaid, a true State of the Conduct of their respective Towns and Districts, with Respect to their having executed each Plan recommended by the Continental and Provincial Congresses ; and to use their utmost Diligence for this important Purpose.

And whereas some Towns and Districts in the Colony, may be destitute of so excellent an Institution as Committees of Correspondence :

RESOLVED, That it be, and it hereby is strongly recommended to such Towns and Districts, forthwith to choose them, and to afford them Assistance at all Times, in effectually suppressing the Efforts of the Enemies of America, whenever they shall make them.

Signed by Order of the Provincial Congress,

John Hancock , President.

Historical answers to today’s problems – – –

The Right to speech and assembly also includes the right to associate, freely, with those of like mind.  Guilt by association, although sometimes evident in today’s judicial system, is an inherent right without the authority of any government, but guaranteed to be protected by the government, by order of the Constitution; in the First Amendment, which prohibits federal enactments that would limit that Right; and, Article I, Section 8, clause 17, which is outside the jurisdiction of federal authority; Article I, Section 10, clause 1, which prohibits any state from passing any “Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts”, which is the nature of any association; Articles IX , Bill of Rights, “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people;” and, Article X, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”


Although nearly every community, circa 1760-1780, had an association, the wording of the Albany Association is still available to us.  The Albany Committee was established prior to the First Continental Congress. This General Association was executed in 1775. It was signed by all members of the association at the time.  It might provide us an understanding of the necessity for establishing an association of like minded people for the purpose of furthering the discussion of solutions to the problem.  The original Albany version:

A General Association agreed to and subscribed by the Members of the several Committees of the City and County of Albany.

PERSUADED that the salvation of the Rights and Liberties of America depends under God on the firm Union of it’s Inhabitants, in a Vigorous prosecution of the Measures necessary for it’s Safety; and convinced of the necessity of preventing the Anarchy and Confusion, which attend a Dissolution of the Powers of Government.

WE the Freemen, Freeholders and Inhabitants of the City and County of Albany being greatly Alarmed at the avowed Design of the Ministry, to raise a Revenue in America; and shocked by the Bloody Scene now acting in the Massachusetts Bay, Do in the most Solemn Manner resolve never to become Slaves; and do associate under all the Ties of Religion, Honour, and Love to our Country, to adopt and endeavour to carry into Execution whatever Measures may be recommended by the Continental Congress, or resolved upon by our Provincial Convention for the purpose of preserving our Constitution, and opposing the Execution of the several Arbitrary and oppressive Acts of the British Parliament until a Reconciliation between Great Britain and America on Constitutional Principles (which we most ardently desire) can be obtained; And that we will in all things follow the Advice of our General Committee respecting the purpose aforesaid, the preservation of Peace and good Order and the safety if Individuals and private Property.