Black Robe Regiment

In these times of worldly crisis, people must decide which jersey they’ll wear, even if only to route for their favorite team. As a nation founded on Godly principles, Christians believe that our nation must return to those principles. It’s time to choose what team we’re going to be on. As evil comes upon us, Americans must choose — of their own free will —- which jersey they will boldly and unapologetically wear: TEAM JESUS, or TEAM SATAN.

Set Up Tent Revivals In Your County!

What better way for us to gather with like minded individuals in our communities than host a tent revival?! If you don’t already have them in your county, get one started right way. There should be a tent in every one of the 3200 counties across the nation.

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The King’s Men is a Roman Catholic lay apostolate faithfully executing on its mission to help men across the country and around the world be better husbands, fathers and leaders.  During its 15 year history the apostolate has supported the formation of 50 weekly men’s accountability groups across 30 dioceses, run over 60 dynamic weekend retreats, delivered presentations and workshops at hundreds of conferences, given courageous witness in defense of human life and the dignity women leading to the closure of more than 20 sexually oriented businesses (SOBs) and positively influenced the lives of hundreds of thousands of men.

Everyone on Team Jesus should adopt the principles and mission of The King’s Men to help men to be better husbands, fathers and leaders.



With over fifteen years of experience in dynamic lecturing, expert teaching, and workshop training, TKM offers a variety of options to meet your conference, retreat, and other speaking needs. 


The fundamental formation initiative and real heart of TKM are highly effective weekly formation and accountability meetings offered in a growing number of locations. Developed and refined by experts in masculine spirituality, these meetings combine prayer, education, and an action-oriented component called the Four C’s. The meetings offer men an opportunity to grow in virtue and accountability using the notion that “iron sharpens iron” (Proverbs 27:17)


The multi-billion dollar pornography industry is out of control, unregulated, and destroying the common good. Pornography devastates families and the lives of millions of men and women who are caught in the snares of sexual addiction. By and large, the pornographers have been operating without any resistance…until now!

TKM strongly believes that every man is a protector, especially of women and children, both of whom are victimized by pornography. With over a hundred protests, the No More Porn Tour is costing adult businesses “100’s to 1000’s of dollars” per protest. In fact, through the power of prayer and action of TKM, 22 S.O.B’s (sexually oriented businesses) have shut down.  The No More Porn Tour is an opportunity to share the truth of God’s plan for sex and marriage. At protests, information is available on healing and freedom for those who are trapped in the slavery of addiction and excellent literature about the dangers of pornography is distributed. Our efforts are always charitable and emphasize the message of true love.


God’s healing can be instant! A simple read of St. Paul’s conversion in the Acts of the Apostles 9:1-30 will reveal such truth. However, for most men healing comes through a process that involves God’s amazing grace and man’s full participation and cooperation with His holy will.

The King’s Men have learned much about healing, specifically in the areas of father and son relationships, sex and porn addiction, same sex attraction disorders and post abortion trauma.

Black Robe Regiment

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Mission Statement

The Black Robe Regiment that is here represented is a vital part of our American heritage and a part of our national psyche.  America was fundamentally constructed well before the War for Independence in the 1600’s by people who came to these shores seeking freedom and liberty from a feudal lord/ monarch who had far overstepped his God-given authority.  In the conception and birth of America, church and governance was not separate, it was vitally connected and each informed the other.  Indeed, all governance of and by the people was informed by way of Scripture and the Church and its community was central to all American life at that time.

The pulpit ministers during the period of the American Revolution were central to the cause.  Had it not been for these men, the Revolution would not have succeeded as it did.  Early on, General George Washington had failed multiple times.  The ministers rallied their congregations, inspired them with the truth of the Ancient Principles (see “The Making of America–The Substance and Meaning of the Constitution,” the “Eight Ancient Principles of the Declaration of Independence” written by Thomas Jefferson), that led them (had led them by way of the Ancient Israelites and Anglo-Saxon forebears–see “The Making of America” and the “obvious aspects of People’s Rule that governed them”), and moved them to action to defend against tyranny and murder.  As there were churches in every community along the eastern seaboard and they were central to American life, this body of Christ was able to mobilize swiftly and with emboldened intention to win and gain what we understand today as true Liberty and Freedom.

Later, Law would be established that spoke to these Ancient Principles, securing government of, by, and for the People.  This body of Laws is known as the United States Constitution and every territory that gained statehood molded its Constitution by this one.  Religion and governance were inseparably interwoven; the one informed the other.

It is our mission:

***To educate and support all ministers in their search for the truth of the American church and her relevance then and now;

***To educate the Christian Community in the historical truth of American Fundamentals and their relevance as the Body of Christ and the influence and impact they have inherent in their mission here in this country and to all nations;

***To educate all people and restore to its rightful place the Church in America (indeed, the entire earth);

***To provide educational materials for use in the Church and for the American Public to restore our American History and the History of the American Church, so as to restore what has been lost by way of deception and historical revision;

***To provide a safe haven and network of like-minded Christian individuals to pursue these endeavors.

***To restore the American Church in her capacity as the Body of Christ, ambassadors of Christ, moral teacher of America and the World,
and overseer of of all principalities and governing officials (Rom 13),  as was rightfully established long ago (under the leadership of Moses, the first appointed head of the Children of Israel and of God–see Exo 18:13-27).

***To engage the Body of Christ and Her shepherds (the ministers) to active participation in all levels of society, for this is Her mission as was commanded by Lord Jesus our Savior, who is the true and only King of this World. (John 1:1-18; Mt 25:31-34;  Without the Church’s participation in all levels of society morality is lost, corruption is a certainty.  It is the Church’s role to herald salvation, provide interpretation of Scripture, and to be the plumb-line of morality and discernment on all levels of our society.

***To stand in support for our Jewish brethren and defend the State of Israel against the growing tide of anti-Semitism
.  It is our biblical responsibility to stand in solidarity with God’s chosen people, for it is through Israel  that God’s prophecy will be reveled and our salvation assured.