Committees of Protection

Know your Sheriff. The entire concept of establishing lawful, peaceful Constitutional Committees is anchored on establishing a sound relationship with your elected Sheriff, the ultimately authority to enforce violations of constitutional law. If your Sheriff does not enforce the law, there is only one path to overcoming this obstacle: REPLACE YOUR SHERIFF IN THE NEXT ELECTION. We are a law abiding, constitutional citizenry, and we understand the absolute power and authority of our County Sheriff. Our efforts as we build Constitutional Committees are. lawful, and should therefore also be recognized and protected by the County Sheriff. A landmark Supreme Court case entitled SHERIFF MACK / PRINTZ vs UNITED STATES essentially concluded that the Sheriff has the ultimate power in their County to enforce the law. In fact, of Federal Agents wish to have arrest power in any county, they must be deputized by the Sheriff and have done so in the past.


There are three very urgent matters that must immediately be addressed in every county:

  • COVID DEATHS: Prosecution of every hospital in ever county that. had patient who died of COVID who were administered the COVID treatment drug Remdesivir. Remdesivir is the only drug authorized by the FDA for treatment of COVID, despite Ralph Baric and Anthony Fauci of the NIH knowing that the trials in Africa produced a 54-85% mortality rate. There is prima-facia evidence of criminal homocide, and our Sheriffs have a duty to investigate criminal homicide.
  • ELECTION FRAUD: Ericsson Corporation’s subsidiary Iconnective was given the authority by the FCC to have total control of every telephone number and text message in our critical national telecom infrastructure. Ericsson is a foreign corporation which is one of only 2 corporations to have been charged and convicted by the Department of Justice with supporting global terrorism through their support of Al Qaeda and ISIS. All of our voter data is trafciked and databased on Fusion Centers and law enforcement servers, and a foreign corporation known and convicted of supporting terrorism has back door access to our voting data. Until Ericsson and Iconnective are removed from our critical national security telecom infrastructure, our electronic voting systems are compromised. Sheirffs must remove Ericsson from access to our telecommunications systems as they are embedded in our law enforcement servers and fusion centers.
  • FBI UNLAWFUL KIDNAPPING OF AMERICAN CITIZENS: The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now known to be an organized criminal crime syndicate directly involved in, and responsible for overthrowing our Constitutional Republic. This is not conjecture. This is fact. With the permission of the County Sheriff, the FBI has been raiding the homes of their political opponents with heavy armor and weaponry, kidnapping them against their will & in most cases for alleged crimes with no victim other than the U.S Government, and trafficking our fellow citizens to a jurisdiction controlled by federal authorities. Although some arrests by the FBI relate to actual crimes perpetrated upon victims, the majority of violent home raids can be conducted by county and state law enforcement if necessary. The Sheriff must immediately intervene and protect the rights of every citizen to due process of law, protection from unlawful arrest, search and seizure. Any county Sheriff who surrenders or abdicates their arrest authority to the FBI is equivalent to allowing any other foreign political or militant adversary to do the same. THIS MUST CEASE IMMEDIATELY, AND THE SHERIFF HAS THE ULTIMATE AUTHORITY TO STOP THIS WAR UPON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Each of our individual States are sovereign entities under the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The federal government is a foreign entity outside of the geographical and constitutional boundaries of the State, and only has the power specifically delegated to them by the U.S. Constitution. Anything outside of the authority delegated to them in the U.S. Constitution belongs to the State. This is black and white. Crystal clear. If their authority is written in the Constitution, they possess it. Any authority they may claim to have outside of that which has not been delegated to them is unlawful. As an example, (one of many) the federal government has zero authority over our education. None. Zero. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say anything about the Department of Education. If the federal government wants to centrally control our education system, they must amend the U.S. Constitution. If the Sheriff refuses to protect the Constitutional rights of the citizens who elected them, the citizens should additionally inform the Sheriff they will be replaced in the next election, but in the interim. we shall lawfully defend our life, liberty, and property from invasion of our homes and neighborhoods by a foreign entity, regardless of the Sheriffs refusal to abide by their sworn oath.

The very first order of business in your county is to assemble a small group of individuals, educate them on just these 3 very urgent issues, and then meet with and present to your County Sheriff.

Here’s one fo the documents that can be presented to the Sheriff:

(Click here to download the document if you have difficulties viewing, opening or downloading the document below)