A Thought on Leadership

A Thought on Leadership

One of the most important tools utilized by those who have sought to take our freedoms and our country from us is the control of public education.  By these means they have been able to remove aspects of our history which would have enabled us to both perceive and deal with the problems of today long before now.

We have a group of leaders in the Patriot Community, many whom have proclaimed their position by methods of public relations which are founded on promulgation of sensationalism.  Perhaps their positions are merited, yet if we look at history, we will find that these are not the means by which leaders were selected two hundred years ago.

Jefferson, Adams, Washington, Henry and the rest of those who gave us the nation we seek to restore today were well established in their respective communities, and recognized by their efforts to be men of sincerity.  Their efforts extended, in most cases, over many years of guidance to their neighbors.  The respect that was earned by these efforts, and their willingness to represent the will of the people, propelled them into the delegations which formulated the course that the colonies would pursue.

Would it be possible for the government to anticipate the desire of the Patriot Community to return to Constitutional government, and send agents into the community to infiltrate, say what patriots want to hear and acquire a position of leadership?  By what we know, the One World Government people have achieved this very goal in our Congress, Courts and even in the Presidency.  Are we foolish enough to allow the same to happen to us?

The War of 1812 was declared by the Americans.  The President sent to the Congress a Declaration of War which gave six reasons for which he requested the Congress to agree that a state of war existed.  The Declaration was approved by the House on June 4, 1812 and the Senate on June 18.  Of the six causes for war, probably the most significant is the fifth, which reads:

“Fifthly.  Employing secret agents within the United States, with a view to subvert our government, and dismember our union.”

The selection of members of the community who have proven themselves to those they know and live with as local leaders will minimize the possibility of infiltration by those who might otherwise have objectives different than our own. Under the scrutiny of their neighbors, their true self will be much more apparent.  Their positions will not have been achieved by expertise in promotion, rather by the efforts they have expended in the cause.

It should be understood that when seeking our “leaders”, we should look to those who ask questions, listen to the answers, and seek to understand others rather than to attempt to impose their will on others.  The outspoken advocates are suited for private associations which are gathered for specific purposes, but are absolutely unsuitable for the form of government our Founders granted to their posterity.