Boston’s Message To The Countryside


HE following Proceedings and Votes of the joint committees of this and seven other towns are conveyed to you by their unanimous request. The importance of the subject at this critical time when our enemies are aided by some of our deluded fellow citizens, must strike you forcibly. We do not doubt but you will adopt the following, or a similar plan as your own salvation depends upon it. What you do, must be done soon or it will be ineffectual. The army by the number of waggons which they have engaged must be in want of a number of horses and cattle, it is wholly with our friends in the country to prevent their supply, but we need not dictate to them the mode. The cannon and baggage of the army must remain here unless you supply them with horses and cattle, but on your firmness and resolution we depend. We have a good cause, the thought is animating, take courage, and rely upon a kind providence for protection and success in your resistance, in case it becomes necessary by your being attacked. . We are, &c.

By Order of the Committee,

William Cooper , Clerk


AT a meeting of the committees of Correspondence of the several towns of Boston, Charlestown, Cambridge, Medford, Lexington, Watertown, Brookline, and Concord,

HEREAS the representative Body of this province in Congress, assembled at Cambridge, considering that certain persons were employed in divers kinds of work for the army, in order to enable them to take the field and distress the inhabitants of the country, did strongly recommend to the committees of Correspondence and Inspection in the several towns and districts in this province, to see their Resolves of the 7th instant, relative to supplying the troops now stationed in Boston, with timber, boards, spars, pickets, tent-poles, canvas, bricks, iron, waggons, carts, carriages, intrenching tools, or any materials for making any of the carriages or implements aforesaid strictly and faithfully adhered to.

IN compliance with the above recommendation, and from a conviction of its being our duty to prevent such supplies, Voted, That the following method, if strictly adhered to, will, in our opinion, be effectual, Viz. That no teams be suffered to load in, or after loading to pass through, any town in this province for Boston, if their load, in whole or in part, consists of any of the above-mentioned articles, or oats, except the teamster can produce from the committee of Correspondence for the town where he loaded, an instrument, certifying his name, place of abode, the particulars of his load, the person who sends, and to whom to be delivered in Boston, and that said certificate ought to be delivered to one or more of the committee of Correspondence for Boston before the teamster presumes to unload.