What good can Committees of Safety do today?

Just a few of the things that a community working with itself, and other communities within the state and around the country, can achieve, today:

  • Conduct political efforts within the community.
  • Join with others in the state to make concerted political efforts.
  • Participate in national political efforts.
  • Provide educational seminars, meetings and publish educational information.
  • Network with others of like mind around the country.
  • Publish their webpage here (free to all Committees of Safety)
  • Join together to provide assistance to those members of the local, state or national community that find themselves in need.
  • Provide funds for the families of patriots imprisoned by the federal government.
  • Provide hubs of communication to investigate wrongdoings of the government within the community, or in the surrounding area (for example, the truth about what is happening in situations such as Roby, Illinois).
  • Select leadership from those you know within your community.
  • Send local delegates to state sessions, if and when warranted.
  • Likewise, should a national convention be necessary.

more to be added. If you have any ideas, send them to webmaster.